What does it take to be NDIS ready? The five pillars of readiness

Annual NDIS expenditure of $22 billion means the market for disability services will more than double over the next 4 years. – read more..

C-suite & Executive

Rise of the robots… the Boardroom table?

When implemented successfully, RPA can help to deliver on what many Boards are seeking to implement in their organisations; efficiency, innovation, talent, improved risk and control frameworks, and better customer service. – read more..


Cybercrime in Tasmania: Cyber Fraud and Business Email Compromise (BEC)

In Tasmania alone, Tasmania Police reported fraud offences have increased by 26.4% since 2013 with cyber fraud constituting 25.4% of all fraud offences in Tasmania in 2015-2016. – read more..

Technology, Media and Telecommunications

We’re entering the peak smartphone era

Australia 2G networks to be decommissioned this December. 1 in 5 smartphone users will be impacted. – read more..

Public Sector

The Dark Side of Delivering on Digital

Digital transformation inevitably exposes government and citizen data to attack, raising questions about security – read more..


Innovation Connections Facilitation – is this the missing link to your SME success?

Through Innovation Connections Facilitation, businesses work with an experienced facilitator who can assist them to overcome a particular technical challenge or issue in order to become more competitive, productive and efficient. – read more..


Fusing Agile with Big Data Delivery for Insight Driven Growth

“An Agile framework for delivery, supported by scalable Big Data solutions and a highly iterative business engagement, can maximise opportunities for insight driven growth.” – read more..

Diversity & Inclusion

Feeling left out? Are diversity programs working for everyone?

Are some employee groups being left out through diversity efforts? A recent article in the Harvard Business Review would – read more..


Meritocracy: Unraveling the Paradox

How effective are merit-based reward and recognition processes in ensuring employees are treated equally? Could they be increasing – read more..


Some early signs of significant shifts in global tax policy

Tax mismatches and arbitrages will no longer be the basis for competitive advantage. – read more..

Consumer Business

The Western Sydney residential development market: boiling over or simmering?

Western Sydney is well-positioned and the outlook for residential developers is promising. – read more..


Investing in US property? Consider the tax consequences and plan appropriately

Australian investors must closely examine their structuring into US property – read more..

Design Thinking

Will Sydney be a successful multi-airport city?

With the development of Badgerys Creek airport, Sydney will soon be joining the ranks of other thriving global cities. – read more..


Spreading your wings? Top tips for first-time angel investors

Investing in early startups poses inherent risks. So as a first time angel investor, what do you need to consider in order to mitigate these? – read more..


President-(elect) Trump: The post-election environment for Australia?

In terms of implications of Trump’s election for Australia, a lot of attention is on the trade front – read more..