Leadership and Courage: Who intervenes against homophobia?

What does it take to intervene against homophobic behaviour? Recent research argues that courageous and altruistic individuals are – read more..


Knowledge is power: why cyber security is critical for not-for-profits

It is critical for organisations to be aware of how central security is to maintaining consumer trust and loyalty, and including cyber security as an essential part of business planning and risk management. – read more..

Diversity & Inclusion

High Performing Boards: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Gender inequality persists in our community. This includes women’s representation in senior leadership positions, such as boards. The – read more..


Hacking Procurement: 5 ways to better buy digital services

As governments around the world digitally transform their services, the way in which they procure those services is innovatively being reinvented. – read more..


Retaining our best STEM talent – insights from a NASA intern

More must happen to incentivise our best and brightest STEM students to grow their careers in Australia. – read more..


APRA puts culture under the microscope

APRA calls for a deeper analysis and understanding of risk culture across the entire financial sector. – read more..

Public Sector

Value Propositions for the Future of Higher Education

Australia’s higher education providers will need to innovate their business models and underlying value propositions to remain competitive. – read more..

C-suite & Executive

Just 3% smarter isn’t enough

IQ test scores improve by 3% every decade, what does this mean for business? – read more..


Open Government Data: Time to don the noise cancelling headphones and focus on high fidelity

‘The public sector will do well to put on the headphones and focus on the most important, most useful or ‘highest value’ data.’ – read more..


Tech Fast Trend: Top tax tips for international expansion of fast growing businesses

For those businesses nominating for Technology Fast 50, the challenge is more about moving beyond the start-up phase where cash is burned and revenue limited. Getting cash into the business is king! Once in growth phase, tax losses are likely to be carried forward to shelter some scaling of revenue and profitability, which is a natural outcome of the tax system. – read more..


Why Future Leaders Need to Become Designers

It is imperative that, as business leaders, we invest in uplifting our understanding and ability to leverage design – read more..


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: The Australian Government’s Safeguard Mechanism

The newest part of the Australian Government’s policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions came into operation from 1 July 2016. – read more..

Energy and Resources

Enabling Agile Governance in your organisation

“For Agile governance, the focus needs to shift from ‘what can go wrong’ to ‘what must go right’.” – read more..


The automotive industry – an industry policy lesson

‘This isn’t a story about an industry needing more government assistance – it’s one about being smarter in the way the money was spent.’ – read more..


Global competitiveness: Is Australia lacking innovation and sophistication?

Australia ranks (only) 22nd out of 138 countries in the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Index. – read more..