Stepping over the ICT skills gap – Part II

In Part I of this Blog post series we discussed how the legacy-skilled workforce is retiring, and organisations are scrambling for much needed skills in the latest emerging, disruptive technologies such as mobility and digital. In this post we discuss how the ICT skills gap is a global issue affecting CIOs around the world.

The Deloitte Tech Trends 2015 study finds that 57 percent of business and technology leaders view IT as an investment that drives innovation and growth. But 51 percent of CIOs agree that the torrent of digital opportunities threatens both business success and their IT organisations’ credibility. In addition, 42 percent of them believe their current IT organisation lacks the key skills and  capabilities necessary to respond to a complex digital business landscape.

And looking further beyond our shores, the Deloitte CIO Survey in 2013 of Swiss CIOs found that CIOs believed that IT is being held back by skills gaps, both in business skills and technical skills. Fundamentally, these CIOs feel their people lack the skills or mindset for innovation. The challenge for the CIO is to develop or hire these skills when IT is not seen as a focus for innovation by the business.

ICT skills gap
Figure 2 Deloitte CIO Survey 2013 – Swiss CIOs

According to the Swiss survey, CIOs are having difficulties ensuring they recruit the right skills to support new business demands, and having people on-board who can really understand the business. Of greatest concern in this survey was the findings of where the greatest skills gaps were in their ability to drive innovation (45%), their ability to communicate effectively (43%) and their ability to think strategically (39%).

In Part III of this topic we will discuss how CIOs who are planning to meet the shortfall in ICT capabilities are revisiting their strategic sourcing strategies to find ways of sourcing the capabilities that they need.

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