6 Dreams to Dreamforce. Meet the people with an inside ticket.

Six days from now, hundreds of thousands of Trailblazers will descend on San Francisco for the annual Dreamforce conference. This global Salesforce event is the largest technology conference worldwide, playing host to international thought leaders, industry pioneers and technology professionals. It offers attendees over 2,700 sessions, demonstrations and solutions catering for every industry, role and company.

As part of this, Deloitte Digital globally has chosen a number of Salesforce practitioners to attend. Throughout the event, they will be given the opportunity to network with customers and partners alike, attend sessions and industry presentations, as well as assist with live solution demonstrations and global practice meetings.

Now it’s time to meet five of our Australian practice attendees, hear about their experience and the Trail they’ve selected for Dreamforce. Leave a comment below if you have any requests for our attendee’s calendar, we’d love to hear from you!

Hailing from ad-land, Georgia is a business analyst within the Deloitte Digital Brisbane practice. She takes a strategic approach to problem solving, and invests in understanding user needs to facilitate transformation. While at Dreamforce, Georgia will be heading down the Analytics Trail, with a focus on the Financial Services Sector. Currently working on an Einstein Analytics and Discovery implementation, Georgia has a renewed view on understanding user needs, with an emphasis on next best action and applying predictive practices.

Josh is a functional consultant with a passion for user experience and business process optimisation. He enjoys discovering how organisations work, learning about problems they have with their people, processes and technology, and then determining and implementing innovative solutions. While at Dreamforce, Josh will be attending the Healthcare and Life Services Trail, with a focus on Health Services. With prior exposure to the impact of improving health care services and delivery, Josh is passionate about continual improvements and innovation across the industry.

With a Masters in Computer Science and Engineering, Riccardo works as a technical consultant within the Deloitte Digital Melbourne practice. He’s an advocate for agile software development, and enabling change through lean processes. While at Dreamforce, Riccardo will be attending the Government Trail, with a focus on Public Service and Non-Profit. With significant experience across the public sector, Riccardo enjoys enhancing experiences and optimising processes for citizens and businesses alike.

As a results-driven solution architect, Prem is focused on leveraging business value as the driver in technology development and operations. He is well-practiced in managing implementations, from analysis to deployment. While at Dreamforce, Prem will be attending the Financial Services Trail, with a focus on enabling economic services. Having worked in the industry for over five years, Prem is looking forward to further expanding on his experience and understanding.

Prashant is a technical lead with a passion for everything cloud. He enjoys solving complex problems for clients using the Force.com platform. While at Dreamforce, he will be attending the Developer Trail, with a focus on Einstein and Heroku.




Continue to follow their journey over the next few weeks. It’s your ticket into Dreamforce 2018!

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