Category: Human Capital

“Now more than ever, it is important for Australian workers and Australian organisations to adapt to remain competitive.”

“It’s important to understand the way of working in context to what the organisation was trying to achieve at the time.”

It’s ok to be Hybrid

In order to select the ‘fit-for-purpose’ point along the Spectrum of Agility that will best suit your organisation, it is imperative to be honest about the key constraints for Agile within your organisation.

Like all projects, the ability to manage change within an organisation is integral to its success. In an Agile project environment, the fast and iterative changes to an organisation’s processes can leave many users with change fatigue, which can significantly impact the success of an Agile implementation. Agile Change Management has developed from being an…

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“Business hear the words ‘deliver to our customers every two weeks’ and immediately think of the chaos that will bring”