“The times they are a changin” and the lessons shared at this year’s Agile Australia 2015 conference hosted by Slattery IT based on “The Art of Simplicity” are critical to navigating the complexity and unpredictability of this constantly changing business environment. To enable this simplicity – let us “Keep Calm and Agile On.”

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“Agile beyond IT is an increasing trend throughout organisations as Agile becomes more popular”

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Agile is a set of principles and practices based around the concept of iterative and incremental development, with collaboration between teams at its cornerstone. Agile approaches to delivery can increase quality, reduce waste, improve predictability and boost morale in organisations.

Our experts in Agile will provide their views on the latest developments within the Agile community, developed through first-hand experience across a range of industries and services, and will help keep you up to date with the tools and considerations needed for successful Agile development.