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“Simplicity is a key component in both agile and mindfulness, with focus placed on value and a deliberate effort to remove redundancy.”

“The ‘right’ balance of both agile mindset and agile frameworks is best to enable success.”

Do not be afraid to try, learn and adapt practices to your situation. When it is contextually applied, a framework or selection of practices from multiple frameworks will be best suited.

“Interviewing customers at scale can be quite costly and time consuming for an organisation. The harder it is, the less likely it is to occur.”

‘Embedding a flexible and collaborative culture helped teams to acknowledge information as an enterprise asset that impacts stakeholders from all business and technology functions.’

“Business hear the words ‘deliver to our customers every two weeks’ and immediately think of the chaos that will bring”

A blog delivering insights into the latest discussions, trends and lessons from the front line on Agile. Deloitte is a pre-eminent Agile advisor and a leading expert on Agile, providing tailored solutions across various organisations, industries, and projects, at any scale. Agile is a set of principles and practices based around the concept of iterative and…

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