Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

Energy and Resources

Time to thrive for Australian LNG

It is up to us to secure our place as the world’s most economic and reliable supplier of LNG. – read more..

Energy and Resources

How my engineering degrees helped me win in professional services

I can see what needs to be improved to make the “whole” better, rather than only seeing problems from the perspective of one silo. – read more..

Consumer Business

Missing out: The business case for customer diversity

Is there more to understanding an increasingly diverse customer base and improving their experience? How can emerging insights about employee diversity apply to the world of customers? – read more..

Energy and Resources

Enabling Agile Governance in your organisation

“For Agile governance, the focus needs to shift from ‘what can go wrong’ to ‘what must go right’.” – read more..


Swings and roundabouts: China, coal and our budget deficit

What does a coal miner’s working roster in China have to do with Australia’s export income and the well-publicised budget deficit? Quite a bit it turns out. – read more..


Australia marks 25 years’ economic growth, as mining, real estate race ahead

This economic growth was broadly led by a strong increase in public expenditure and dwelling investment , with modest growth in consumer spending observed. – read more..

Energy and Resources

What if Japan tears up all its LNG contracts?

Is Japan thinking about tearing up LNG purchase agreements? What will be the impact on the Australian and global gas markets? – read more..


Queer in STEM: Workplace Experiences of LGBTQA Individuals in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical Careers

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, fields are some of the fastest growing industries in the world – read more..


Tech Fast Trend: A shift from mining to tech on the BRW Rich 200 List

Australia recognises the end of the resources boom, supports the ideas boom and invests in innovation. This Tech Fast Trend explores how technology stocks having been rising on the Business Review Weekly (BRW) Rich 200 List, while the mining sector is falling. – read more..

Energy and Resources

Innovation in mining – where to from here?

‘Anyone can learn to innovate and, with practice, anyone can become better at innovating.’ – read more..