Families and Individuals

Families and Individuals


Strategies to maintain a successful single family office

Setting up a single family office is expensive, but fairly straightforward. Building and maintaining a successful one that’s cohesive, transparent and forward looking, however, is difficult. – read more..

Families and Individuals

What is the best structure for your family’s philanthropy?

There are two structures commonly used to facilitate philanthropic giving: a private ancillary fund (PAF) and a private charitable trust. – read more..

Families and Individuals

Strategies for Communication Across Generations

Regardless of size or generation a family business is in, they face challenges. No family business is more or less complicated than the next; the true indicator of their success is how they work through their challenges. – read more..


How to successfully invest in social impact

Have a focus – a common pitfall of foreign investors is getting carried away and investing in too many things. Too many things lead to white elephants, frustration from the investor and loss of money for the investor and the community. – read more..

Families and Individuals

Superannuation and the Federal Budget – unravelling the changes

We discuss the changes proposed for superannuation on Budget night 2016. – read more..


EOFY and beyond – it can be easy with Deloitte Private Connect

When it comes to the lead up to EOFY, one of the biggest headaches is getting your records and data up to date and in order. – read more..


Which future?  3 things you can do to make your family’s future the right one

When it comes to the world your children and grandchildren will live in, you are the point of difference in shaping the future you all want. – read more..

Families and Individuals

Does your family wealth, assets and business liabilities sit in the correct ownership structure?

At a recent Private Wealth Network’s Family Masterclass, James Head – Partner of Deloitte Private Tax presented on some of the – read more..

Families and Individuals

The Future of Mental Health

“The responsibility to improve the state of mental health in Australia falls upon each of us. We need to work at our mental health fitness, especially when you think how mental health in turn contributes to your physical health.” – read more..

Consumer, Business and Transport

This time will not be different: The future of property investment – what you need to know to survive tomorrow’s property market

“Over the course of history, investments of all kinds have experienced massive booms and busts. It could be said that these cycles simply chart irrational investment behavior. This phenomenon (labelled the herd mentality) powerfully corrupts rational investment analyses and decisions”. – read more..