Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services

Has the end of financial services regulation arrived?

Nonetheless striving for safe and stable financial institutions is here to stay, and regulation, in one form or another, will play a key role in realising this aim. – read more..

Consumer Business

Missing out: The business case for customer diversity

Is there more to understanding an increasingly diverse customer base and improving their experience? How can emerging insights about employee diversity apply to the world of customers? – read more..


Case Study: Where workplace and customer diversity intersect

How can digital technology enable organisations to access overlooked markets and better serve diverse customers?  Westpac Group’s recent – read more..

Financial Services

What lies ahead for the Australian retail banking market

There is no doubt that better managing governance, supervision, resilience and technology remain critical foci for the sector. – read more..

Financial Services

Mathematics: unlocking insights anywhere in the world

Data can tell subtle things about how a business is operating. Mathematics has given me the skills to extract and share those insights – and do so internationally. – read more..


APRA puts culture under the microscope

APRA calls for a deeper analysis and understanding of risk culture across the entire financial sector. – read more..

Diversity & Inclusion

Finding flexibility in flex workplace strategies: a case study from Westpac

Flexible workplace initiatives are on the rise with employees being afforded with greater freedom to decide ‘how’, ‘where’ – read more..


How smart should your contracts be?

‘When should you use smart contracts?’ – read more..


Why is Bitcoin so wasteful?

‘So this is where Bitcoin’s waste comes from; all those discarded bingo cards.’ – read more..


SMSFs – top 10 action points before 30 June

Time is running out to ensure everything is in place before year end! – read more..