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Why we are so passionate about cloud technology

There are many changes occurring in the consumer and service provider market today, driven by the arrival of new technologies and a convergence of these with traditional business practices. As with your industry, businesses from all sectors are being impacted like never before and this trend is set to continue. Emerging technologies are changing the way consumers and business owners think, connect and live. – read more..

Consumer, Business and Transport

This time will not be different: The future of property investment – what you need to know to survive tomorrow’s property market

“Over the course of history, investments of all kinds have experienced massive booms and busts. It could be said that these cycles simply chart irrational investment behavior. This phenomenon (labelled the herd mentality) powerfully corrupts rational investment analyses and decisions”. – read more..


Fitness experts with a healthy appetite for success

“Of the three key foundations, technology is having an increasingly large impact. Recent social trends suggest that the industry is sensitive to factors such as innovation, advertising, and use of social media.” – read more..