Spreading your wings? Top tips for first-time angel investors

Investing in early startups poses inherent risks. So as a first time angel investor, what do you need to consider in order to mitigate these? – read more..


Knowledge is power: why cyber security is critical for not-for-profits

It is critical for organisations to be aware of how central security is to maintaining consumer trust and loyalty, and including cyber security as an essential part of business planning and risk management. – read more..


Tech Fast Trend: Lowering the cost of innovation

A common concern for businesses is how to efficiently finance innovation programs – read more..


Leading Virtual Teams: Best Practice Insights

Recent Australian research shows that leading effective virtual teams does not require a huge investment in technology, but it does require strategies which are fit for purpose and not a carbon copy of face-to-face leadership practices. Intriguingly, virtual teams may experience higher levels of individual contribution and diverse thinking arising from chat, Yammer and polling – read more..


Preparing for NDIS – Top Tips

“The introduction of NDIS is causing significant disruption for some disability service providers, as funding shifts from bulk funding in advance to person-centred funding.” – read more..


Resolving complexities, supporting collaboration in transformation projects

“there needs to be a way of fostering social collaboration around the project, so everyone involved in it can easily see issues as they arise and the solutions put forward to address them. This produces real efficiency gains, leading to a speedier project outcome.” – read more..

Families and Individuals

Financing: How to take charge of your business’s future growth (Part 2 of 2)

“When scoping the market it is critical to identify the best banker as well as the best bank – this is where your advisor’s industry knowledge comes to the fore. Finding the right person in a large institution is critical to securing the best financing.” – read more..


Financing: How to take charge of your business’s future growth (Part 1 of 2)

“Some of the key funding challenges family businesses and mid-market companies face in Australia include the fact that clients often do not approach banks that are suitable to their industry and needs” – read more..


Could listing on the ASX be for you?

Is Listing for You? The last year and a half has seen a resurgence in the IPO market – read more..


Home sweet home office – A simple guide to tax deductions

“The most appropriate method to determine the deductible amount is to apportion the total expense incurred on a floor area basis” – read more..