Human Capital

Recruiting to Enable Enterprise Agility

“Embedding Agile within your recruitment practices is crucial in supporting an Agile organisation.” – read more..


Cybercrime in Tasmania: Cyber Fraud and Business Email Compromise (BEC)

In Tasmania alone, Tasmania Police reported fraud offences have increased by 26.4% since 2013 with cyber fraud constituting 25.4% of all fraud offences in Tasmania in 2015-2016. – read more..

Diversity & Inclusion

Feeling left out? Are diversity programs working for everyone?

Are some employee groups being left out through diversity efforts? A recent article in the Harvard Business Review would – read more..

Energy and Resources

Enabling Agile Governance in your organisation

“For Agile governance, the focus needs to shift from ‘what can go wrong’ to ‘what must go right’.” – read more..


The Power of Visualisation to Achieve Agility

“The key value-add and differentiator in using visualisation was the quality of the output and level of stakeholder engagement.” – read more..


Moving towards an Agile Australia

“Now more than ever, it is important for Australian workers and Australian organisations to adapt to remain competitive.” – read more..

Consumer Business

Managing Business Perceptions of Agile

“It’s important to understand the way of working in context to what the organisation was trying to achieve at the time.” – read more..


Bidding for gender equality: How can product purchasers step it up for gender equality?

A recent analysis of over one million eBay transactions has found that women receive, on average, 80 cents – read more..


Navigating the Agile Landscape

Do not be afraid to try, learn and adapt practices to your situation. When it is contextually applied, a framework or selection of practices from multiple frameworks will be best suited. – read more..

Consumer Business

Fast Customer Feedback at Scale – Insight Driven Project Delivery

“Interviewing customers at scale can be quite costly and time consuming for an organisation. The harder it is, the less likely it is to occur.” – read more..