Do you accept payments in a currency of a country from the EU?

Many organisations will not know how many of their customers are EU citizens, posing a further challenge when assessing risk exposure. – read more..

Energy and Resources

How my engineering degrees helped me win in professional services

I can see what needs to be improved to make the “whole” better, rather than only seeing problems from the perspective of one silo. – read more..


Five ways to prepare for mandatory notification of serious data breaches

Failing to conduct an assessment or to notify will be considered an interference with the privacy of the affected individuals. – read more..

Financial Services

Mathematics: unlocking insights anywhere in the world

Data can tell subtle things about how a business is operating. Mathematics has given me the skills to extract and share those insights – and do so internationally. – read more..


Five privacy trends for Australian organisations in 2017

Now is the time for organisations to pay attention to how information is managed and protected – read our privacy trends for 2017 – read more..


10 things we can learn from Santa on privacy

It’s been a big year for privacy for organisations, with a bigger year to come. It’s comforting to know that even Santa has his own privacy challenges. – read more..


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: The Australian Government’s Safeguard Mechanism

The newest part of the Australian Government’s policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions came into operation from 1 July 2016. – read more..

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Enabling Agile Governance in your organisation

“For Agile governance, the focus needs to shift from ‘what can go wrong’ to ‘what must go right’.” – read more..


The health and safety world is changing and it’s impacting the boardroom

The ground swell of opinion from leading thinkers is health and safety management needs to move from ensuring that ‘as few things as possible go wrong’ to ensuring that ‘as many things as possible go right.’ – read more..


ATO Voluntary Disclosure Service for SMSF Trustees

The ATO has introduced a new service for SMSF trustees who wish to voluntarily disclose unrectified contraventions of – read more..