Accelerated Transformation – A faster way to create sustainable value

At the heart of Accelerated Transformation is the goal of faster, sustainable value creation. – read more..

Public Sector

Transforming Government using Cognitive Technology

Australian Public Servants should consider cognitive technologies now as part of planning to improve service quality and efficiency, and to ultimately transform government – read more..

Human Capital

How irrational are we? Insights into decision bias

It’s time to review our decision making processes – as well as our personal mindsets and behaviours – to see if we can spot and reduce our blindspots. – read more..

Energy and Resources

Time to thrive for Australian LNG

It is up to us to secure our place as the world’s most economic and reliable supplier of LNG. – read more..

Cross industry

Play to Win: How Gamification can give companies an edge in Innovation and Strategy Execution

What if there was a way to harness the heightened level of engagement, drive, and focus observable in gaming to drive business outcomes? This is where gamification comes into play – read more..


Unstrategy and the last mile of change

In a market where distance and time is now on the customer’s side and the pace of change is exponential, it begs the question – is the relevance of traditional strategy under threat at a time when you could argue it is needed the most? – read more..


Ready to unlock innovation? Using an intellectual property strategy to manage innovation risks

Innovation should be viewed with an opportunity mindset and as a strategic opportunity to gain (or maintain) a competitive advantage in the market . – read more..


Media Consumer Survey 2016

The media landscape continues to evolve quickly and it is often hard to keep up. The new consumption behaviours that are predominantly being led by Millennials are expected to become the norm across generations. – read more..


What does it take to be NDIS ready? The five pillars of readiness

Annual NDIS expenditure of $22 billion means the market for disability services will more than double over the next 4 years. – read more..


Fusing Agile with Big Data Delivery for Insight Driven Growth

“An Agile framework for delivery, supported by scalable Big Data solutions and a highly iterative business engagement, can maximise opportunities for insight driven growth.” – read more..