The NRF – a retailer’s paradise in the Big Apple

The retail landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, and staying abreast of new technologies is now not optional – it’s business as usual. – read more..

Public Sector

Transforming Government using Cognitive Technology

Australian Public Servants should consider cognitive technologies now as part of planning to improve service quality and efficiency, and to ultimately transform government – read more..

Financial Services

The widespread proof of concept RPA phase is over – what will the next RPA phase look like?

Yes, we’ve seen all the think pieces, we’ve written them ourselves: Robotic Process Automation is the future, RPA – read more..


Cyber decoded – how to ask the right questions to strategically manage cyber risk in your organisation.

Cyber is not just an IT issue, it is an issue for the whole organisation and especially for leaders. They need to genuinely know what it is they are trying to protect. – read more..

Consumer Business

Should your small business harness the “Great Indoors?”

If there is one new technology project that should be on the radar for Australian small businesses this year, it should be indoor navigation. – read more..

Consumer Business

The Future of Food: Food tech – a blessing or a curse?

The future of our food systems holds risks, but also creates opportunities for markets and consumers to prosper when we allow technology to help create the world we need. – read more..


How my Engineering degree gave me the advantage I needed to work in Consulting

As a STEM student, my fascination for creating technology led me to study engineering, and my fascination for everything else that a company must do to make technology successful led me to Deloitte. – read more..


Apps vs. browsers – who wins?

Apps tend to be most successful for processes or tasks which are completed regularly. – read more..


Biometrics – the rise of the fingerprint

Over the next year we would expect the smartphone’s fingerprint reader to be used in conjunction with websites accessed by computer to authorise payments. – read more..


How the phone has lost its voice

We appear to be moving toward a time where traditional voice calling is seen as the exception rather than the norm – read more..