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Should your small business harness the “Great Indoors?”

If there is one new technology project that should be on the radar for Australian small businesses this year, it should be indoor navigation. – read more..


Spreading your wings? Top tips for first-time angel investors

Investing in early startups poses inherent risks. So as a first time angel investor, what do you need to consider in order to mitigate these? – read more..


Why don’t Australian kids want to be Tech Rock Stars?

In our first year as an ‘Innovation Nation’ start-ups are finally getting some of the attention that they deserve from the government, big business and the media. – read more..


Tech Fast Trend: Fintechs are about more than financial services

The ‘fintech revolution’ is not only about disrupting traditional financial services. The genesis of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2015 company Ingogo, for instance, was triggered by a frustration with catching taxis. Addressing the payment aspect of this experience was essential to the solution, but not the focus. – read more..


Tech Fast Trend: A shift from mining to tech on the BRW Rich 200 List

Australia recognises the end of the resources boom, supports the ideas boom and invests in innovation. This Tech Fast Trend explores how technology stocks having been rising on the Business Review Weekly (BRW) Rich 200 List, while the mining sector is falling. – read more..


Going Global while keeping it local – Start-up superstars building a home ground advantage

“When you have a Prime Minister who has himself made money from an internet company, you do seem to get more belief in what our industry can achieve” – read more..

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Why profit is the wrong metric for SaaS companies

“We talk about Australia moving away from a resource-dependent economy, to an innovation or technology economy – but if we don’t learn how to evaluate high-growth tech stocks in the right way, we are in danger of losing our best and brightest.” – read more..