How Deloitte Digital can grow you as a grad!

A year ago I was finishing up my Software Engineering degree, and was looking for something with more variety and breadth than a software development job. Having done some vacation work already, Deloitte Digital provided an opportunity for me to come in as a Graduate. What attracted me to Deloitte Digital was that I was able to work on cutting edge software implementations and get access to awesome clients, all with varied problems to tackle.

I really enjoyed being part of digital transformation projects. This was mainly because I got to work with and learn from people from a wide range specilisations; Content Strategists, User Experience experts right through to Senior Developers.

What is a development lead you may ask?

Well I am working as a development lead within a Salesforce cloud implementation project. What this means is that I get to develop code for the Salesforce platform, as well as manage the delivery of our code, and configuration. The role provides a chance to drive the delivery of software, while also having hands on development across a range of technologies, including object-oriented, database and front-end languages.

What tech problems do I get to solve on a daily basis?

The most excitement for me personally, is the opportunity to weigh in on defining the technical delivery strategy. As a cloud platform that was designed with point and click customisation in mind, there is an interesting balance between developer tools and user friendly administrative tools to handle deploying code and features.

There is definitely a lot of value in having a spread of skills on the team, as using powerful deployment tools such as Bamboo, and Apache Ant has saved countless hours of deployments.

What do you love about your job? Describe the culture in the team?

I love being able to write and push code in a lightweight text editor and let the cloud do the heavy lifting. On a more serious note, it is absolutely the team around me. They are high performing and willing to help, professionally, and supportive and friendly, socially. Everyone is always pushing each other to learn and try new things. One of the things I wanted most out of my future job when I was finishing up university was to find somewhere I would always continue to learn, the support from the company and the team is just a bonus!

Here are some of the certifications I have gained:

I am a certified administrator, platform developer, service cloud, and field service lightning consultant! Platform developer 2 and more are definitely on the way. These certifications reflect the features I have delivered on projects, as I have had hands on experience with each of the subject areas before I sat each certification. All of these I have gained whilst on the job – It has been great to get support from the team to continue learning.

If you looking at launching your career into a similar role, here are some of my tips:

Be open to the type of work you are willing to try. Just because you studied a particular degree or have had past work experience in a different area doesn’t prevent you from learning, or enjoying something else. Anyone can pick up development, or functional skills and it is definitely worth trying everything at least once to find something you love doing.

Salesforce is a platform that provides many different roles and jobs within its ecosystem.

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