Richard Brodie

Partner, Deloitte Private

Richard Brodie
550 bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Richard is a Partner within Deloitte Private’s Business Advisory practice with over 20 years experience providing accounting, taxation and advisory services to privately owned businesses and family groups around their direct and passive wealth.

The team at Deloitte Private has the capacity to service clients ranging from start-ups, through our Deloitte Private Connect offering, to businesses with revenues exceeding $500 million.

Clients come to Richard because they are either:

- feeling stressed

- not making adequate returns on their business

- are exposed to too much risk

- not getting the right advice on matters outside of their business

- not clear on where they need to be in two, five or ten years time

If they get this wrong, they risk not having anything to pass onto the next generation.

Richard's expertise covers a variety of industries such as:

- Franchising

- Agribusiness (covering farm to fork)

- Property and Construction

- Retail, Wholesale and Distribution

- Manufacturing

- IT

Richard has also been actively involved in numerous acquisition and divestment of businesses.