The fifth edition of our Building the Lucky Country series reconsiders the purpose of place. By collaborating to make place a driver of productivity and prosperity, Australia can unlock enormous potential.

We believe that it’s not enough for Australia to ride our luck. We also have to make it. 

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Place transcends landscape, climate, and buildings. It’s about people and what they produce, the quality of life beyond work, the effectiveness of government, and the momentum of business.

Last week, Innovation Bay, which provides a networking platform for innovation and investment in the high-tech space across Australia, held its regular breakfast event in Sydney, hosted by Ian Gardiner. As a national sponsor, we attended this event which featured inspirational talks from home grown start-up superstars – Luke Anear of SafetyCulture & Scott Farquhar of Atlassian (Deloitte Tech Fast 50 7 times winner) on how they have managed to build successful global start-ups while maintaining their local roots – and what can be done to keep others like them in Australia.

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“When you have a Prime Minister who has himself made money from an internet company, you do seem to get more belief in what our industry can achieve”

Recently, we have had the pleasure to work with real estate firms nationally to revolutionise their back office processes using cloud based software. The Deloitte Private Connect team and I attended the Ray White conference in August which highlighted the changing landscape of the industry, not just in back office cloud services but front office too.

As someone passionate about disruptive innovation and cloud technology the key takeaways of this conference resonated to me. There was a strong message around the need for real estate to be at the forefront of new technology and the necessity to adapt early in order to be successful.

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“Agencies are becoming aware that if they do not embrace disruption now, catching up later will be that much more difficult. Traditional practice is no longer conducive to a world where everything is in the cloud, and innovation will happen, whether they agree or not”

Car dealerships that use benchmarking to measure and drive performance give themselves a competitive advantage compared to businesses that don’t use this important management tool.

The best dealerships use benchmarking to confirm they are at the top of their game, while other dealerships rely on benchmarking to identify opportunities to fast track business improvement.

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“benchmarks are derived from real operational results that give relevant comparable measures for businesses of all sizes”

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It may surprise you that on Sunday 20 September 2015, CGT turned 30 years old.

Despite the name, there is no such thing as a capital gains tax per se; the tax law works by dealing with capital gains under the Income Tax Assessment Act, along with ordinary income.

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“Borne out of the 1985 Draft White Paper produced by the Hawke/Keating Government, the taxation of capital gains was introduced primarily for equity reasons and to improve economic efficiency.”

Car dealerships are experiencing healthy sales figures right now, with data from August showing new motor vehicle sales rose by 3.2 per cent year-on year.

With this result is especially pleasing given flat economic conditions, one aspect of a dealership’s operations that could benefit from more attention is aftersales.

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“It’s worth talking to advisers who have extensive experience in this area to find out the best way to grow the aftersales side of a dealership’s operations”

Deloitte is working alongside high growth tech-enabled businesses, drawing on insights learned over several years of work with CEOs and founders of locally and globally respected brands.

We know good businesses grow quickly, and tend to face similar challenges putting in place the right infrastructure and processes to support that growth. One founder reflected “working from my house was great for the culture, but when we got to 23 people we just didn’t fit, we had to find a different way forward that also kept our momentum.”

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“Nothing benefits a growing business more than generating broader awareness – entries for the 2015 Deloitte Tech Fast 50 Awards are still open.”

Following a recent presentation at Private Wealth Network’s Property Forum, Michael Drapac, a renowned property investment expert and founder of Drapac Group, stirred up discussion around the state of the current property market and made us think about the psychology behind buying.

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“Over the course of history, investments of all kinds have experienced massive booms and busts. It could be said that these cycles simply chart irrational investment behavior. This phenomenon (labelled the herd mentality) powerfully corrupts rational investment analyses and decisions”.

The Department of Industry and Science’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme focuses on enabling SME’s an opportunity to access advice, assistance and tailored support to help them improve business performance, capability and competitiveness. It is a key component of the government’s growth and productivity agenda, and importantly, is a free service for participating businesses.

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“These experts are all senior respected leaders in their fields, and will deliver a tangible difference to participant businesses”

HealthEngine has grown over 1000 per cent in the last few years to become a trusted site used by millions of Australians every year to find and book health appointments anywhere, anytime*.  According to CEO Dr Marcus Tan, HealthEngine’s Health Directory now has over 70,000 practices and practitioners listed, backed by major investors Telstra and Seven West Media.

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“We were hugely surprised at the number of patients who quickly saw value in this online booking feature and the speed in which it gained traction.”