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The ‘fintech revolution’ is not only about disrupting traditional financial services. The genesis of Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2015 company Ingogo, for instance, was triggered by a frustration with catching taxis. Addressing the payment aspect of this experience was essential to the solution, but not the focus.

“Agencies are becoming aware that if they do not embrace disruption now, catching up later will be that much more difficult. Traditional practice is no longer conducive to a world where everything is in the cloud, and innovation will happen, whether they agree or not”

“We’re only at the start of the retail revolution. In the coming decade the way we shop for everything from bread and milk, to luxury items to financial services, and everything in between will change. It’s an exciting time to be in retailing. Businesses that are nimble, smart and digitally engaged are the ones that will reap the greatest rewards”

“We talk about Australia moving away from a resource-dependent economy, to an innovation or technology economy – but if we don’t learn how to evaluate high-growth tech stocks in the right way, we are in danger of losing our best and brightest.”