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Where do leaders get their great ideas? Of course there are experiences and conversations – but what the impact of books? Four great leaders across four diverse industries share what’s on their nightstands: Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz (CEO Mirvac), Graeme Head (NSW Public Service Commissioner), Ronni Kahn (CEO OzHarvest) and Ben Burge (Executive Director of Telstra Energy).

If culture eats strategy for breakfast it means we need to get a lot smarter about driving cultural change. Three great articles – from around the world – provide insight on where to focus. Middle managers – that’s the advice from the UK about how to get traction on gender equity. More than just who,…

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Organisations stand to benefit from understanding how employee emotions are shaped by management practices and national cultural constructs. If organisations understand this, and equip their managers accordingly, they will be able to reduce the dysfunctional reactions typically exhibited by employees during cross-border acquisitions.