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In new research, Dr Steve Lamb and Professor Kenny Kwok (University of Western Sydney) suggest not only that uncomfortable work environments reduce the cognitive resources available to an employee, but also explain how these environments negatively impact previously unexplored additional factors, and have detrimental effects on wellbeing.

Over the past two years, the Australian female sporting arena has observed an incredible influx of attention and support. From the creation of the Women’s Australian Football League, to the success of the Rugby Sevens team at the Rio Olympics, challenging opportunities for women to lead both on and off the field are increasing.

Is there more to understanding an increasingly diverse customer base and improving their experience? How can emerging insights about employee diversity apply to the world of customers?

Ask anyone to recall their favourite childhood television character and they wouldn’t have too much trouble. The heroes and villains that play out on our screens, the fantasy worlds and stories of triumph are remembered fondly. They also help to shape our own personal ideals and views of what is ‘normal’, ‘right’ and ‘important’. The…

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Gender inequality persists in our community. This includes women’s representation in senior leadership positions, such as boards. The case for change is as much about improving business performance as it is about gender equality. Put simply, boards perform better when they include the best people with a diverse range of perspectives and approaches.

Flexible workplace initiatives are on the rise with employees being afforded with greater freedom to decide ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ they work in an effort to accommodate an improved balance between work and life goals. Are employees taking up the offer, and how effective are such initiatives? Westpac Group’s “All In Flex” policy provides a…

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The New South Wales (NSW) Police Force has undertaken a series of initiatives aimed at supporting employees and community members who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual. We speak to the pioneer of these programs, Superintendent Tony Crandell, about why this became a priority for a policing agency and what business leaders could learn from…

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Where do leaders get their great ideas? Of course there are experiences and conversations – but what the impact of books? Four great leaders across four diverse industries share what’s on their nightstands: Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz (CEO Mirvac), Graeme Head (NSW Public Service Commissioner), Ronni Kahn (CEO OzHarvest) and Ben Burge (Executive Director of Telstra Energy).