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Enhancing wellbeing has become an increasing focus for modern workplaces. But what does that mean in practice?  This case study investigates Medibank’s internal wellbeing journey to date with a focus on the key challenges and lessons learned. 

In new research, Dr Steve Lamb and Professor Kenny Kwok (University of Western Sydney) suggest not only that uncomfortable work environments reduce the cognitive resources available to an employee, but also explain how these environments negatively impact previously unexplored additional factors, and have detrimental effects on wellbeing.

Where do leaders get their great ideas? Of course there are experiences and conversations – but what the impact of books? Four great leaders across four diverse industries share what’s on their nightstands: Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz (CEO Mirvac), Graeme Head (NSW Public Service Commissioner), Ronni Kahn (CEO OzHarvest) and Ben Burge (Executive Director of Telstra Energy).

Leaders transitioning into a new role. Leaders feeling the pressure. Leaders making smarter decisions in a complex world. These are the three topics we look at this month as we think about what it means to lead at the edge. We look at innovations in transition programs to accelerate success, a personal story of mindfulness…

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