Earn a bonus 20,000 Aquire Points with Deloitte Private Connect

We’re pretty excited about sharing stories of our client’s success, as you have seen on our recent blog post on Crisp Creative Salads.

We’re even more excited to have Ted and Shey share their thoughts on business, Deloitte Private Connect and Aquire:

“People often think running your own business must be glamourous but in the early days you’re very hands on. You never really switch off; you’re responsible for everything!

That’s why Deloitte Private Connect has been such a valuable tool for us. Being able to see our overall spending and live financial information, whenever we want to, gives us the oversight and control we need as business owners. The invoicing and bookkeeping is automated, reducing the potential for human error. So when we meet with our Deloitte Private team we talk about our plans for the business rather than the day-to-day accounting.

It’s great from a cash flow perspective too. The fixed monthly fee for Deloitte Private Connect means there are no surprises and, as an added bonus, eligible businesses could earn 1 Aquire Point* for every $1 spent on Deloitte Private Connect, so we can focus on doing what we love.”

For a limited time, Aquire members can earn a bonus 20,000 Aquire Points when you sign up for Deloitte Private Connect by 31 October 2014.

Find out more http://deloitteprivateconnect.com/aquire/