A flexible, fulfilling career AND time for your family – it’s possible

Deloitte’s Return to Work program is designed to support individuals who have put their career on hold for family care or personal reasons to return to work.

We heard from two of our participants in the pilot program, Nicola Robertson and Jane Holt, about their experiences with the program and what it is like to return to work after a career break.

Nicola’s Story:

I may be a little different from most as I never seemed to have too much trouble developing my career. Sure, I worked hard, loved what I did (most of the time) and loved the company I worked for. It was much harder and more stressful for me to become a mother! So when I was ready to go back to work after a two year break, I was really surprised how difficult it was to find the right role.

My objective was simple: to have a fulfilling career while at the same time being the best mother I could possibly be. I was looking for the flexibility of part-time work, while also having a purpose, doing something meaningful and making a difference. Deloitte has given me this opportunity.

Deloitte’s Return to Work program offered me an opportunity to return to my career part-time in the very exciting area of Consulting. This has been interesting and at times challenging as I have juggled family life with a new career in professional services.

Deloitte has made the experience easier by providing tailored support along the way, with a fabulous culture and a real commitment to diversity, inclusion and women in leadership.

If you are also looking for the right mix of flexibility and career progression, Deloitte’s Return to Work program could be for you! As one of those chosen for the 2017 pilot program, my advice would be to apply today!

This is Jane’s story:

For people of my age and experience, it is hard to find part-time work at an appropriate professional level in the marketplace.

My background is in IT, database performance management, data warehousing and business intelligence. I worked primarily for vendors in pre-sales and product management roles.

I then put my career on hold to take care of my family. I gained some new skills over the years as I consulted to small businesses on customer engagement and marketing. I also lived in Colorado for two and a half years, recruiting staff and attendees for a newly established summer camp. I became certified in marketing, art and design, interior design and training. I believe the skills I gained whilst on my career break combined with my earlier career experience have made me well-suited to the Consulting team here at Deloitte.

My interest in the Return To Work program was spared by a LinkedIn advert. The application and interview process convinced me that there was a genuine recognition of the value of my experience and a real desire to embrace the diversity I offer.

The projects I have worked on so far at Deloitte have been in data and analytics strategy. The work has been stimulating and purposeful, with potential to make a real impact in the healthcare and the public sector.

The Return to Work experience has been exciting, interesting and challenging. I landed on my feet, with a team who have supported both me and the program. I feel very lucky to have begun my Deloitte journey amongst the friendly, cohesive, smart and funny Melbourne cohort – their support has been priceless.

Deloitte’s commitment to agile working has been one of the biggest factors allowing me to be successful in the Return to Work program. Since commencing the program, life has thrown a multitude of experiences at my family that have been unexpected and difficult. I needed flexibility, and flexibility is what I was given.

Returning to work after several years away is challenging, without a doubt. To succeed we need support and flexibility. The Return to Work program is structured to facilitate this balance between work and life, promoting personal wellbeing whilst creating a professional impact. My experience couldn’t be less conventional and yet I feel that I have found my professional home here at Deloitte. There’s every reason to think you might too. Take the leap and apply now.

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