Earlier this year, we started looking at our cities and regions, and their productivity potential. Who would have thought between then and now, the national conversation would shift so markedly?

We have a reinvigorated government, led by a new Prime Minister who is committed to cities, the built environment and public transport infrastructure. We have even a dedicated federal minister for cities for the very first time.

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‘Our message is that there are profits―there are increasing returns―for business to be engaged in place, in making places work, and to work alongside government’.

An eye on inequality

Malcolm Turnbull’s rise to Prime Minister has brought with it renewed hope that Australia will embark on a path of genuine economic reform.

The mining boom is over and with it the planet’s willingness to provide us with prosperity on a platter. Indeed, the best single measure of Australian living standards (real disposable income per capita) peaked in 2011, and has been steadily falling since.

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‘When economic fundamentals are strong – when business is investing and hiring – lower and middle income households do better. ‘

With Australia in the middle of a decade of disruption and uncertainty, the country’s oil and gas sector is experiencing its very own localised ‘recession’, thanks to gyrating oil prices.

And it’s going to last a while longer, with industry participants now thinking this downturn may even be deeper than the 2008-09 experience.

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‘The world is experiencing an imbalance in oil supply and demand – namely too much supply, and not enough demand.’

It may surprise you that on Sunday 20 September 2015, CGT turned 30 years old.

Despite the name, there is no such thing as a capital gains tax per se; the tax law works by dealing with capital gains under the Income Tax Assessment Act, along with ordinary income.

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‘CGT has been named as one of the taxation settings influencing the heating up of the residential property market. ‘

At a time when we are all swimming in great content, how can busy, time poor, intelligent professionals provide more value to their clients? 

While we all have different ideas about what constitutes value, we know from numerous studies that clients of professional service providers value thought leadership and being kept abreast of what’s happening in the market.

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‘Pick two or three tips that sound most manageable and commit to them for three months – doing them regularly will make a difference to how much value you provide.’

Why, hello content

Content is gaining more and more attention in the world of user experience. Why? Because content contributes to one of the most important parts of a user’s experience. After all, what’s great design without great content?

To design a great user experience, you need great content – content that’s useful, easy to find and simple to understand.

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‘UX and content go hand in hand – you really can’t have one without the other.’

Australia’s workplace relations system has been in the news again, with the Productivity Commission releasing its draft report on Australia’s workplace relations framework last week.

Contrary to how it is often portrayed by a range of interest groups, the Commission surprised some by stating that the system is not dysfunctional, and needs repair, not replacement. As such, its recommendations are modest.

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‘Compared with global standards, the Commission believes that Australia’s labour market performance and flexibility are relatively good.’

There is no doubt our business landscape is becoming more ambiguous, fast-paced and complex. Globalisation, hyper-connectivity and digital innovation are creating a more sophisticated consumer and propelling the innovation of products, processes and business models.

An organisation’s ability to be responsive to customer needs and adaptive to changing priorities will increasingly drive competitive advantage.

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‘An organisation’s ability to be responsive to customer needs and adaptive to changing priorities will increasingly drive competitive advantage.’

Picture this. Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to launch your report on government digital transformation that’s been commissioned by Adobe.

He gets the impacts, and opportunities, presented by digital disruption and innovation, and has recently established a national Digital Transformation Office dedicated to “… transforming government service delivery to better meet the needs of all Australians.”

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‘Ultimately, taking benefits to governments and citizens together, the next stages of digital transformation could deliver benefits worth around four times as much as they cost.’

Our brightest ideas grow and thrive when we connect them to our greater networks.

Collectively, we can cultivate these concepts and pursue their possibilities by drawing together to draw out our base ideas. Here are 5 things you need to know about tapping into the rich resources of creativity within every individual in your organisation.

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‘Fostering the most innovative forms of creativity from your people is an essential aspect of successful leadership.’