How Michelle helps improve customer experience

We managed to catch up with Michelle to find out what life is like as a Consultant in our Deloitte Digital team and how she goes about helping her clients improve the experience they provide their customers.
What is your role?

I am a consultant within the Digital platforms team and am aligned to the functional stream of projects. This basically means that I work very closely with client stakeholders to understand their current processes, strategies and visions of their business. I then take this information and work with developers to design a solution that integrates the client requirements with streamlining their processes to promote growth, innovation and the customer experience of their business using Salesforce CRM.

Why did you join Deloitte Digital?

Deloitte Digital has a range of capabilities, backgrounds and skillsets not only across the individual teams but also across the wider practice, promoting a highly innovative and creative culture. I absolutely love how Deloitte Digital has strong individuals within creative design, business analysis, strategy, development and marketing.

How have you been supported by the team?

The team allows me to challenge internal and external business ideas on a daily basis. There are always opportunities to improve the processes whether that is the learning development of our team or the operational processes of the client sales process, the team will allow my ideas and solutions to be circulated and properly considered.

What is a functional role in SF look like?

The primary responsibility of a functional role in Salesforce at Deloitte Digital is to understand the client business, requirements and vision. As such, functional roles are required to work with various stakeholders to ultimately design and create a salesforce platform that adds value for the business. Functional roles can include a range of activities including facilitating discovery workshops, design, interviews and testing.

What is a customer journey?

A customer journey is the experience of the customer with the business that extends from the initial point of contact whether by advertising through to after sales such as services with the purpose of promoting a positive customer experience, loyalty and growth. The primary idea of a customer journey is to understand the complete experience of the relationship and interaction with the business of being a customer.

What tools and techniques do you use for your workshops?

Prior to workshops, I ensure to have a general understanding of the audience, purpose and intended outcomes of the workshop. During any meeting or workshop, I make sure to have a whiteboard marker handy as well as some post-it notes, enough in case I want to drive audience interaction and involvement. Post workshops, I like to re-group with the team and brief on some of the key items as well as plan for next steps.

What are the most exciting projects have you have lead at Deloitte and how did your functional skills create a successful outcome?

Thus far, all my projects have been extremely exciting as I’ve been challenged with learning something new whilst working with such diverse team members. If I were to select one, my current project has and is still incredibly interesting as I had the opportunity to be a part of the project from the discovery phase, facilitating large workshops including senior stakeholders to understand their business processes and pain points. Following the discovery phase, I have been able to lead the facilitation of client workshops, interviews and when re-designing of the Salesforce solution is required based on further delving on the business processes. A large part of being in the functional role involves creating a strong relationship with the key stakeholders to gain their trust and potential future phases of work.

What do you love about your job? Describe the culture in the team?

I absolutely love the challenge and support within my role at Deloitte Digital. I am able to grow myself personally and professionally within a safe environment even if it’s in front of the client, knowing that I have that support from my team. The team does not only focus on the customer experience but focuses heavily on the growth of their team members.


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