My life as a developer in Deloitte digital

We caught up with Amelia, a Developer in our Digital Platforms team, to find out more about what her role involves and what she does day to day.
What is your role?

I’m a Salesforce Developer in the Deloitte Digital team.

What did you study?

A Bachelor of Information Systems at UNSW. I was also on a Co-Op scholarship which meant that as part of my degree I got to do 3 work placements and one of them happened to be with the Deloitte Digital team!

How did you come to have your current role?

I joined the team as a Graduate. Having done a placement with Deloitte Digital already I was already familiar with the team and their work. I found that of the 3 placements I did, Deloitte was the most engaging. Everyone I worked with was so switched on, they were keen to coach me and show me new things. I became a better coder thanks to the experience, so that’s why I applied for a Grad role.

What do you actually do?

Great question! I get this one a lot. Salesforce is a type of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, so it helps companies interact with, track and manage their customers.

I’m a developer so my role is very technical. I help implement Salesforce for our clients. I like to describe it as a ‘systems transplant’ because we’re usually moving clients off of an old system and onto a new one that’s more efficient, and works better for them.

What’s your typical day like?

Honestly no two weeks are ever the same, let alone two days being the same! The work is very varied and depends on the project. I could be on a team building a completely new system for the client or I could be doing post-live support – which involves debugging the system and training the client’s IT team to support the new system.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I constantly get to learn. No two problems are ever the same, so I’m always being challenged. Even though I am a graduate, I’m given a lot of responsibility and autonomy which is great. Someone’s always willing to help me if I get stuck or run into a coding problem I can’t get around. So while I get thrown in the deep end, I always have support when I need it.

What don’t you love about your job?

If you’re put on a client engagement that’s really far away from your home, there can be a lot of travelling involved as we spend a lot of time on client sites. We’re lucky though, Deloitte’s a big advocate of flexibility so if you need to work from home you can. You just need to speak up and arrange it with your Manager.

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