What it’s like to work at Deloitte Digital

What has surprised you most about Deloitte Digital?

The culture. When I got the offer I was most afraid of being swallowed up by the corporate machine and being just another number. I didn’t want to lose my individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. Sounds silly, but I also hated the idea of having to buy corporate clothes and being stuck in an office all day in heels.


The culture here at Deloitte Digital is everything. It’s just fun – I feel like I am constantly laughing. If you’re not working on client site you can dress as casually as you want. I never have to stress that I am under dressed if I wear ripped jeans. We’ve got smoothie Fridays, the Dreamatorium – a space where people get to work on cool shit like VR, 3D printing and sharing their ideas – and at the moment there’s a Street Fighter tournament going on between the Partners and PAs.

I’ve only been here six months but my team have already become family.

Tell me about your team and what makes them unique?

So, I work in Optimisation – and the team actually started out as 2 best friends (Miguel & Dan) who had their own agency and were acquired by Deloitte. I think having come from that smaller-agency mindset is what makes us unique and is the reason why we’re so much like a family. Everyone looks out for each other and there’s a lot of laughing, a lot of creating cool stuff and being encouraged to push yourself.

What does the Optimisation team actually do?

We work specifically within the Digital Marketing space and help clients figure out how to use data to create the most personalised, and optimised customer experience possible. Hence, the name, Optimisation team!

It’s all about helping businesses create that end-to-end customer journey. To do this we use analytics, social profiles, cloud platforms, audience sharing and yes, massive spreadsheets. Often it’s about helping clients understand how to use the massive amounts of data they’re capturing to give customers a better end-to-end experience. We end up getting to make some pretty cool stuff happen.

Why the Optimisation team?

When I came in to interview for the role, I realised pretty much straight away that I wanted to work for these guys. It just clicked. Everything they talked about, I wanted to be part of. They made me feel like I was already part of their team and strategy. It was just so exciting to hear that they wanted me to think outside of the box and really challenge things.

It was everything I wasn’t allowed to do in my previous jobs. To come from being told to ‘keep inside your box’ to being encouraged to think big was very empowering.

When it comes to career development, what sort of support do you get?

Everyone’s given a coach, a buddy and encouraged to find a mentor. So you have this entire network of people supporting you as you drive your career. I love that my path is my own.

I set up the goals I want to accomplish, the roles I want to have and I set my own timeframes. My team will try to get me on projects that will help me reach my goals and develop skills.

As a Senior Consultant in the Digital team, what’s your average day like?

No two days are the same. It all depends on the project I’m on. I could be doing anything from running a workshop with clients to dreaming up amazing future-state customer journeys with my team. I am literally never bored.

The cool thing about being a Senior Con is that one day I could be on a project that’s quite small and be running the entire thing, and the next day I could be on a large project where I could be looking after a specific part of a client’s business and really diving into things. I like that on one project I could be working with 20 people to solve a problem then the next day, I could be working with just one person and doing the same thing on a smaller scale.

What advice would you give someone who’s interested in joining Deloitte Digital? And more specifically the Optimisation team?

It’s ok if you don’t know everything when you start. In fact, in a decade you still won’t know everything. The most important thing to show us is that you’re hungry to learn and experiment with new things. We love people who ask lots of questions and really challenge us to think and do things differently. You’ll also do well in our team if you’re a natural problem solver. We love it when people can see a problem, and not only want to fix it, but can also see 10 other problems and are itching to fix those problems too! If you consider yourself a driver, a big thinker and a bit of a maven – you should definitely come work with us!

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