I’m a Mechanical Engineer turned Salesforce Consultant

We managed to catch up with Srikanth to discuss his journey from Mechanical Engineer, to a Salesforce Consultant working at Deloitte.
What is your background and why did you want to join the team?

I joined the Salesforce practice as a graduate in March 2017. I’m originally from India but I was born and raised in Qatar. I actually have a background in mechanical engineering but forayed into the world of information technology by moving to Melbourne to study information systems at the University of Melbourne 3 years ago. Through various interactions with Deloitte at campus networking events, career fairs and employer information sessions, Deloitte Digital became an obvious choice to launch my career because of its global presence, inclusive work culture and innovative vision. I chose Salesforce in particular because of the fact that it is a constantly evolving platform, and so I would always be pushed and challenged to keep learning. Apart from that, I also wanted to work with a platform that would enable to me have a direct impact on the residents of Melbourne, and I have had the good fortune of working on projects that let me do so.

What do you do day to day?

My daily activities consist of attending workshops to liaise between business analysts and client stakeholders and discuss how Salesforce can support their requirements and improve their business processes, translating business requirements into functionality by configuring/customizing the Salesforce platform to support these requirements, and working with a team of testers to ensure that our build is checked for quality. I’m also quite interested in managing Salesforce environments, so I also handle the deployment of our Salesforce configuration into various testing environments and finally the main environment used by the client. The beauty of this platform is that you don’t really have to slot yourself into a ‘functional’ or ‘technical’ role; you can choose to have a go with both hats and that’s exactly what I currently do.

How do you stay connected within the Salesforce ecosystem?

I try to attend various Salesforce user group events where you get to meet and network with other Salesforce professionals and learn about their experiences with the platform. This year we had Down Under Dreaming in Melbourne, a first of its kind Salesforce community led event which had a great mix of presentations and panel talks – it included some great conversations on upcoming features of the Salesforce platform for developers, design thinking, and developing an inclusive culture at the workplace. We are always supported and encouraged by our leaders to attend such events so we try our best to do so. Apart from that I’m trying to get myself certified in various Salesforce modules so that I can keep up with the rapidly evolving platform – I’ve done 5 so far and I plan to do lots more. Trailhead is another fantastic place to learn more about Salesforce where you have structured learning modules, projects and can also earn badges to show off your Salesforce skills!

If I was someone who wanted to understand more about customer experience or CRM so that I could launch my career into this space? What would you suggest I do?

There are some great blogs online to learn more about customer experience – PeopleMetrics for example. Trailhead is also another great place to learn more about CRM as there are specific modules on this topic for beginners. Apart from that I would advise to reach out to professionals on LinkedIn and catch up with them over coffee to learn more about CRM and what they do in that space. I’d be happy to do so and I know my colleagues would be as well.

What are the best parts of your job? Describe one thing that has happened at work that you are particularly proud of or that excited you.

As clichéd as it may sound, the best part of the my job is the people I work with. We truly have a great mix of smart people in my team and they constantly push me to think harder and smarter about what I do. And this transcends geographical boundaries – I was once asked to handle deployment management on a project, and being my first time I wanted to give it my best shot. But instead of reinventing the wheel, I reached out to our colleagues in Belgium who had good resources on this topic, and they were more than happy to speak with me and answer all my questions, and even shared their entire documentation with me. This is one of the advantages of working for a global firm as you are able to leverage a global network of knowledge and resources. Using that knowledge, I was able to develop the foundation for a deployment management strategy which then grew into a full-fledged release management strategy and got implemented at that project. It is one of my proudest experiences – I carry that knowledge and experience with me now and it enables me to succeed on new projects.

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