I am a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect at Deloitte Digital

We caught up with Paul, to learn more about the challenges he faces each day and get his tips on how to pursue a technical path within the Salesforce ecosystem.
Why did you join Deloitte Digital?

Deloitte Digital has a unique position in the market – blending strategy, creativity, innovation, and delivery excellence. Our clients are some of the most iconic brands, and they have interesting problems and challenges that demand more than a simple Salesforce implementation team – they need a Digital Transformation Partner who also happen to be the best and brightest in the Salesforce ecosystem. Regionally, we have the opportunity to be the best – and to be the best at scale: there are exciting times ahead!

What certifications do you have?

I currently carry 18 Salesforce certifications (and a few in other arenas). I aim for a couple more in key new platform areas this year. However, I want to be very clear that certifications are only part of the story: they mean little without real experience. There is a place for a spectrum in this ecosystem – from advisory to delivery, design to code – but I firmly believe that no matter how senior you get “dirty hands” are an asset.

What are the most exciting projects have you have lead at Deloitte and how did your tech skills save the day?

We have some amazing clients with meaty challenges at the moment across Australia and together we are:

  • Helping redefine government and local council service delivery
  • Improving lifetime care for those injured at work
  • Creating a platform of enablement allowing rapid introduction and operationalisation of new customer-centric offerings in order to adapt and thrive in a changing industry
  • Assisting an NGO in putting together a best-in-class CRM optimising their engagement with supporters and improving operational efficiency.

In all of these examples, great solution architecture is the key to translating the business vision into a reality.

What tips and advice do you have for someone who is pursuing a technical path?

There are many different paths when taking a technical focus. You could either choose to stick to development or become an architect. There are four practices I have used in the past that have worked:

  • Ignoring the functional/technical divide – it is artificial. To be truly successful, even if you have a strength and preference at one end of the spectrum, you should dip into, understand, and appreciate the other
  • Applying creativity. Great architecture and development is part science and part art. Being able to think differently and get creative about a solution is a huge asset
  • Listening with humility. This applies to appreciating context, understanding the client and problem, and reaching the right outcome. You may not have the best answer – the person to the right or left of you may. Many minds will always be better than one
  • Learning continuously. Our world is changing constantly – and nowhere is this better illustrated than the Salesforce ecosystem. The breadth and depth of capability that the Salesforce platforms deliver now is many times greater than when I started. Just in the last few months Salesforce have expanded to include CloudCraze (B2B eCommerce/CPQ) and Mulesoft (the world’s most widely used integration platform). You can learn on the job by doing, formally in a classroom, online (trailhead is fantastic and ever evolving) – but you must always keep learning or you will quickly become irrelevant.
What do you love about your job? Describe the culture in the team?

Every day at Deloitte Digital is an opportunity to apply the four practices I mentioned. Our team are privileged to be able to work with the best clients and on the most interesting challenges. Everybody in the team contributes to our clients’ success, imparts their knowledge, and supports each other in delivering some of the most ground-breaking work in the ecosystem. It is never just a Salesforce implementation. We are proud of our brand and of the results we deliver. We are not all work and no play though – fun breeds creativity, and we like to have fun. With some of the most talented people in the ecosystem – from the best graduates up – I continue to learn something every day.

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