Smart SMEs put people, digital, and data first

Smart small and medium businesses put people, digital, and data first – according to a new report from Deloitte Access Economics, commissioned by

The report that confirms talented staff members are the differentiators in small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as they manage the increasing intensity of digital. The smartest SMEs are also using analytics to get a deeper understanding of their customers as they grow their online delivery services, and shift from website only innovations to mobile engagement and delivery.span>

The Australian survey of 500 businesses with 16-100 employees examined the changing competitive and digital landscape for SMEs over the medium term. It also highlights the adoption and increasing maturity of the cloud used by the smartest SMEs alongside social and mobile to better connect with their customers in real time, anytime.

The report paints a picture of a fast growing, challenging competitive environment of online-only businesses with lower overheads and broader market reach as 300,000 new businesses come online each year and 300,000 cease to operate .

On the back of this report, are running a free webinar  on Thursday, November 6, 2014 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM AEDT, that will explore the key findings from the research, including:

  • the competitive landscape, and how it’s getting tougher
  • digital transformation and technology: game-changing implications
  • aspirations and planning: where do business owners and leaders see future growth opportunities?

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