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The Deloitte SMSF audit team are leading experts in delivering tailored audit solutions at any scale, with a focus on data, digital and design.

Jo Heighway and the team will provide their ideas and views developed through first-hand experience across a wide range of SMSF audits, and keep you up to date with the  latest tools and technology for growing a successful SMSF business.

When you receive advice that your auditor has identified SIS compliance breaches in your fund and will be reporting the issues to the ATO in an auditor contravention report (ACR), it’s highly likely you will be asking the question “what happens next?”

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If your SMSF has (or is considering) a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA) and the borrowing is not with a regulated financial institution (e.g. the fund has borrowed from a related party), you should be aware that the terms of such borrowings are under ATO scrutiny.

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