Team Australia: Creating LNG opportunities

Team Australia, organised by National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), made its debut in the first ever national delegation to the 30th anniversary Gastech Conference in Barcelona, Spain. With the theme of “Smart Australia”, more than a dozen small to medium enterprises, start-ups and innovators from Australia took their teams, products, software and technologies to Spain to demonstrate their unique capabilities to the global market.

Team Australia included companies with solutions ranging from next generation maintenance, turnaround and shutdown 3D simulation tools, to a cloud-based workforce management system, to safer, faster, less expensive and more productive well workover rigs, through to Fintech solutions specialising in payments and expense reporting. Australia’s innovation was on display to the world.

NERA coordinated and organised Team Australia, delivering an impressive, high quality exhibition booth and cooperative logistics support.

Additionally, through partnerships with patent law firm, Wray’s, legal firm Mills Oakley and others these efforts readied participating companies to make a global impact at Gastech. Deloitte Australia was proud to be part of Team Australia and the impact it made in its first year in Spain.

Top insights overall
Insight #1

The Australian LNG boom brought about many world’s firsts including unconventional gas to LNG projects in Queensland. With this new operational environment came new technical requirements such as increased well maintenance and workovers. The high cost Australian operating environment placed a high importance on fast workovers and low labour requirements. After pioneering this technology in Australia, one of the Team Australia companies, XDR, is now ready for the global marketplace.

Insight #2

Coordination and collaboration in a remote and small market such as Australia is required for Aussie companies to accelerate and elevate their skills to the global level. Through NERA’s leadership, emerging Australian companies were able to pool resources, collaborate on ideas and opportunities, and work together to turn Gastech into a massive sales and marketing opportunity. The overhead burden of such an effort would be too much for a single SME to deliver on its own, but with the support of NERA and their peer companies, Team Australia represented together at a very high level.

Insight #3

Australian ingenuity and problem solving paired with digital technologies is a solution to high cost environments. While Australia developed a reputation as a high-cost place to do business during the LNG construction boom, innovation, ingenuity and technical prowess has enabled Australian enterprises to overcome these challenges and create world-leading capabilities and products which appeal to the global Oil and Gas industry.

Insight #4

The overwhelming success of Team Australia during the 2018 Gastech conference proved that with the support of peer organisations, and importantly, the Australian Government sponsored industry growth centre, NERA, Australia can punch above its weight and bring skills, innovations and world-class technologies from “down under” to the global marketplace.

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