Two million reasons why I love my job

I had my most fun week at work ever and it reinforced a number of powerful lessons.  The biggest lesson was the reminder to voice your most audacious ideas, because, just sometimes you might convince everybody to do it.

At the start of 2017 a new partner joined Deloitte as our National Lead of Oil and Gas.  Bernadette Cullinane is one of the best and most inspiring partners I’ve worked for over my career of about 20 years, and the thing I most value about her is that she enthusiastically supports what are affectionately known at Deloitte as BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals).

The APPEA Conference is the biggest oil and gas conference in the Southern Hemisphere (over 2,000+ delegates and 1000 additional attendees) and the critical place to speak and be actively engaged if you’re a key player in the Australian industry.  Think industry and national ‘rockstars’ as key speakers.  Bernadette and I both saw a huge opportunity for the conference to evolve and strengthen the way they approach digital and social media to amplify key conference messages.

Lights, camera, content!

With Bernadette’s support I pitched APPEA the idea that we work with them to promote the key content of the conference across digital and social media and they asked that we come back with a proposal.  The concept was accepted in its entirety and less than two months out from the conference, Deloitte was thrilled to be appointed as inaugural Official Social Media Partner of the 2017 APPEA Conference.

Then the work began.  When we pitched the idea, we had the 2018 conference in mind, given the amount of work we anticipated would be involved to create a truly professional job.  But APPEA loved the idea, so we had about seven weeks to create it.  It was a behemoth project but one that so thrilled me I would lay in bed attempting to get to sleep, but excitedly kept turning on the light to write myself notes with new ideas about how we could make the project even better.

Teamwork, tweeting & takeaways

At the core of our project were three key elements. The approach was that senior Deloitte people with deep industry expertise would attend all of the conference sessions and develop insights to be harnessed for:

  • A daily cobranded conference digest summarising key themes from the conference
  • ‘Vox Pop’ video interviews with some of the industry rock stars
  • Live tweeting from the official conference twitter handle.

The outcomes were exceptional!  Over the three days of the conference we reached over two million people and increased APPEA‘s social media engagement scores by 2,200% from last year. These results are huge, and to provide context, a recent highly successful national campaign Deloitte Australia ran reached over 2.2 million people in six months. We almost equalled that in three days.

Eight insights you need to know now

What did I learn? Well, key lessons and themes from this hugely successful project would be:

1. Have daring:
Be audacious in presenting your ideas.

2. Be fearless:
Face those most troubling problems front on.

3. Be confident:
Back yourself and don’t be afraid to make a huge commitment.

4. Build teamwork:
Surround yourself with a clever team with diverse backgrounds, the end result will be much richer.

5. Go above and beyond:
Work out what exceptional looks like and then inspire the team to create it.

6. Find inspiration:
Seek out the most inspiring leaders in your business or outside. Get to know them and discuss their BHAGs.

7. Embrace diversity:
Surround yourself with a team with diverse backgrounds. Our team included a digital and social expert, videographer (who got up at 4am to film the rising sun for our day two video, – talk about commitment to your art!), content writer and communications manager.  Everybody had different advice which created a far richer result.

8.Unleash your creativity:
Follow your passions and create opportunities to have fun at work.  We worked incredibly intensely to be ready and throughout the conference, but it was a tremendous amount of fun and a very bonding experience.

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