Who do you want to be? Discover it at Dreamforce!

In less than a week Dreamforce will start: the world’s largest IT conference, run by Salesforce for its customers and partners. San Francisco will welcome thousands of people – there to discover all that is new from one of the most innovative organisations on the planet, covering areas such as sales, service, marketing, artificial intelligence, and more.

Sessions and presentations will be run by customers, partners and Salesforce itself, enabling the audience to discover how digital transformations are run all over the world.

Now the challenging question: how do I choose between all these sessions in order to make the best from this massive event? It may sound strange, but the real question really not what to attend, but who you want to be in the coming years. Basing the Dreamforce experience on your personal and career goals is a plan for success. I am one of the lucky few that can attend sponsored by Deloitte Digital Australia, and I really want to try my best to bring as much as I can to my Salesforce team back home.

What personas are expected at Dreamforce?

One of the most useful tools to optimise your Dreamforce experience is the Agenda Builder. Using the Agenda Builder it is possible to filter the available sessions by categories, products, industries, and, most importantly, roles. As an example, for a Salesforce Consultant, the presentations can be related to best practices in a specific field or evaluation between different products. For an Architect, there are breakouts dedicated to finding the best way to approach a transformation journey or how to apply Salesforce in the context of broader architecture.

How to align my goals with the sessions provided?

Once we discover the different kind of opportunities provided for our favourite role (or roles) we are faced with the difficult challenge to align them with our career goals. Do you want to be a specialist in a particular field, an innovator (AI, IoT as examples) or simply get an overview of the product offering?

Personally, considering that I’ve been working on the Salesforce platform for the last three years, I’m really looking to further building my knowledge and my career to a new level. I want to help my clients to solve their most complex problems and deliver business outcomes in an innovative way, driven by the mix of strategy, creativity and technology that is the core of Deloitte Digital.

Moreover, the conference will provide networking opportunities for your clients and the projects you’re currently working on. In my case, I’m really thrilled to follow the government keynote and all the public sector digital transformations done around the world.

How much you change after attending Dreamforce?It depends on you!

The impact that the Dreamforce can have in your life really depends on you. It is important to participate in the right sessions, but it is also equally important to network and interact with the right people. All of the Salesforce ecosystem will be represented at Dreamforce and Deloitte Digital will be an Emerald sponsor at the event. Please come and visit us during the event to understand how we deliver amazing dreams for our clients. Make sure you keep in touch with the Trailblazers you meet there – paths cross frequently within the ecosystem, but opportunities for connection and collaboration do not come bigger than this!

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