What diversity and inclusion means to me

Imagine a restaurant menu with only one dish.
Imagine a song with only one note.
Imagine – perish the thought – only having one pair of shoes!

This is what a world without diversity and inclusion would feel like. And it would be catastrophic – the human equivalent of the potential heat death of the universe, where entropy takes over and all things converge to a depressing sameness.

Luckily for us, we are all different – the sum of our background, our environment, our genetics and our experiences. And those things shape all of us in different ways. I’m Vietnamese, and I was fortunate enough to be adopted by Greek and German parents and to grow up here in Australia where diversity is generally omnipresent and welcomed. I’m so proud to have a culture where people can express their own personalities and beliefs in so many ways. And I’m proud to be able to imagine an even richer future where diversity and inclusion don’t need to be specially called out because they’re just part of our everyday lives.

I also personally love the moment when I realise that not only am I lucky enough to be able to share in, and benefit from, different perspectives and contributions – but sometimes this opens my eyes to ideas and inspirations that I hadn’t even known existed, let alone considered.

The richness of our world and all it contains is too big for one mind alone to make sense of, but all of us – with our unique and different skills – have a much better chance of deciphering it together.

The Deloitte Many Voices, One Song Choir day was a golden opportunity to be part of something that resonated with me on so many levels. I feel an almost fierce love and pride for Australia’s diversity and multiculturalism and I’m pleased that Deloitte is so supportive of this. I also am an enthusiastic choral singer and, being from Melbourne, the brief of ‘all black clothing’ was a cinch to meet! It was wonderful to meet fellow Deloitte singers from other teams, as well as choir conductor Jonathan Welch and ‘The Cho!r’. We all felt a bit glamorous as we spent the day creating film and music magic in the striking surrounds of the University of Melbourne underground car park.

Just as music can bring together a diverse group of individuals to create harmonies that resonate so much more than the sum of the individual parts, so too can our support of diversity help create a stronger, wider, sometimes confronting, but always richer and more colourful world for the future.

At Deloitte, we believe all voices deserve to be heard. Watch our video, Many voices, one song.

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